Founder of Finding Sakeenah, A Life on Purpose, and the Sakeenah Summit, author, and international inspirational speaker specialising in simplification and purposeful productivity (without the burnout!) 

Having experienced extreme overwhelm and burnout, I know how devastating it can be to our lives - our health, our  relationships, our work, our ibaadah which is my I a care deeply about helping sisters simplify, turn down the 'noise' and find a path out of overwhelm, making space for the things that are truly important - because in that space, amazing things can happen, bi'ithnillah. 

Unlike programs and teachers that focus on giving you more, I focus on giving you less – simplified content that moves the needle towards your goals, meeting you where you are right now and helping you make consistent progress, bi'ithnillah. 


Make space in your life for the things that are truly important 



A Life on Purpose Program 

Create a new foundation for your life in 12 months: learn how to manage your time, simplify and declutter, apply time-saving systems, build new positive habits and align your day with your deen, one small step at a time, bi'ithnillah.