Make Space in Your Life for the Things that are Truly Important

In 12 months, simplify and declutter, build new positive habits and align your day with your deen, one small step at a time, bi'ithnillah. 





  وَمَا خَلَقْتُ ٱلْجِنَّ وَٱلْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ 

"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me"

Surah Adh-Dhariyat - 56


But navigating this busy, noisy world can be challenging!



Tired of constantly feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

Does it seem like no matter how busy you are, you're not making much progress? Do you find yourself cluttered, mentally scattered and stretched thin? Distracted in your life and in your ibaadah and always wishing you had more time? The exhaustion, distractions, and disconnection leaving you feeling frustrated, guilty, and worried.

Do you long for change? 

I have good news!

It doesn't have to be this way

Imagine a life where clutter, stress and overwhelm are replaced with greater calm. focus and clarity. Picture yourself making consistent progress, and most importantly, having time for the things that matter most. 

"I picked up the Quran for the first time in a year"

past student. Simplify. ALHAMDULLILAH. 

A Life on Purpose


In 12 months, simplify and declutter, build new positive habits and align your day with your deen, one small step at a time, bi'ithnillah. 

Proven roadmap

Benefit from a tried and tested system that provides a clear, step-by-step roadmap. 

On-Demand Content 

On-demand classes and resources at your fingertips. Watch select content based on your personal needs. 

Live Sessions 

Boost inspiration, ask questions, and gain insights as well as connect with sisters in the live sessions.

Private Community

Connect with a global network of supportive sisters on a mission to live a purposeful life. 


What's Included

Everything you need to start making positive changes - simplified


The 6-Week Purpose Planning Masterclass

Develop laser-clarity in the LIVE 6-week Purpose Planning Masterclass – This foundation masterclass is delivered live over 6 weekend sessions. Learn key strategies and skills to help you reduce overwhelm, build focus and develop lasting positive habits while avoiding procrastination and burnout - aligning your days with your deen, one step at a time. 


Live Class and Goal Setting on the 1st of Every Month

Start every month with a fresh dose of inspiration and motivation with our monthly live session - connecting with me and sisters around the world as we learn, grow and set goals together. 


The Life on Purpose Planner 

Couriered to your front door, this transformative 6-month physical planner and journal has been carefully designed to help you practically manage your time, avoid overload and make consistent positive progress - all while prioritizing prayer and ibaadah and building in flexibility. Bi'ithnillah. 

*Terms and conditions apply.  



Live 30-Minute 'Purpose Planning Your Week' Session Every Sunday 

Struggle with consistency? Need a dose of inspiration and accountability to help keep you on track? Join  us every Sunday for a live 30-minute purpose planning your week session.


On-Demand Content 

Watch select content based on your personal needs with on-demand classes and resources at your fingertips designed to help you get results, bi'ithnillah!



Resource Bank 

Dip into deen, health & wellness, and purposeful productivity and decluttering mini-videos, science-backed journaling prompts, and downloadable resources in our growing online resource bank.


The Sakeenah Sisters Community  

Join a community of like-minded sisters on a mission to live a purposeful life. As a member of our community, you'll gain access to a network of supportive sisters who understand your journey and are committed to uplifting one another, a safe and inclusive space to share your triumphs, challenges, and everything in between


And there is more!

When you join A Life on Purpose, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

15 Minute Personal Assessment Call 

Get the clarity and guidance you need to create a pathway for the year that is tailor made to your needs and takes all the guesswork and overwhelm out of deciding 'where do I begin?'  

Bonus #2

Live Get Ready for Ramadan Workshop and Resources 

Start preparing for Ramadan in Rajab with the Sakeenah Sisters with a live weekend workshop and simplified Ramadan preparation resources. 

Bonus #3

Live 12-Week Declutter Challenge

Bridging the gap between knowing and doing and giving you the guidance, support and inspiration to take action, these fun and EASY challenges take you through 12 weeks of weekly simple decluttering goals in a group with Kate. 

are you ready?

It's time to embark on a transformative journey and discover a new way of living.

A Life on Purpose is a program designed to help you simplify and navigate this busy, noisy world and cultivate a sense of greater calm, focus, and gratitude.

Imagine waking up each morning feeling lighter, filled with hope, and ready to embrace the day ahead.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a more focused, positive, confident, and energized you.

Discover strategies to create a calmer, clutter-free home—a sanctuary for you and your family. 

Unlock the secrets to better balancing life, ibaadah (worship) and your goals in both this world and the hereafter

Become more present in your life...

One of the greatest joys of this transformative journey is the deepened connection you'll experience with your loved ones, in sha Allah. Imagine being more present, engaged, and connected with those who matter most. Create lasting memories, forge stronger bonds for the sake of Allah, and rediscover the beauty of meaningful connections.


"Now, I look forward to waking up every day to serve my Creator with ease. I can recognize if I am overthinking. I stopped feeling guilty from the past and I started living in present moment which was a dream for me.  I started showing up for myself. Alhamdulillah, my children are calmer around me and I can have a meaningful conversation with my husband."


"My life is a lot more peaceful and I am constantly making small steps to change which is very fulfilling"


A Life on Purpose is for you if you want to: 

  • Create SPACE for the Things That Are Truly Important: Reclaim your life and create space for the things that truly matter. 

  • Build Positive Habits, Step by Step: Unlock the secrets to building positive habits. With a step-by-step approach, you'll learn how to make lasting changes that stick, bi'ithnillah. 

  • Learn How to Save Time: Time is a precious commodity, and I'll show you how to optimize your time management and reclaim valuable time for the things that matter most .

  • Gain Clarity on What is (and Isn't) Important: Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion. The program will help you gain crystal-clear clarity on your priorities, enabling you to focus on what truly matters and let go of distractions.

  • Simplify Planning and Organization: Tired of feeling scattered and disorganized? Discover effective planning and organization techniques that simplify your life. 

It's for you if you want to:

  • Prioritize Ibaadah while Building in Flexibility: Strengthen your spiritual practice while navigating the demands of a busy life. 

  • Feel More Present and Connected in Your Life: Experience a deeper sense of presence and connection enhancing your overall well-being and enriching your relationships.

  • Elevate Your Energy and Well-being: Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Discover strategies to boost your energy levels, improve your overall well-being, and experience a renewed sense of vitality in all aspects of your life.

  • Build Accountability in a Simple and Motivating Way: Accountability is key to achieving your goals. The program provides a supportive framework to help you stay on track and maintain momentum. 

  • Boost Consistent Progress: Break free from the cycle of inconsistency and learn how to make steady progress towards your goals.  

sound good? 

Feeling Inspired? How can you get started?  

  • Well, your could DIY it with books and self-study courses trying to figure out where to begin and trying to muster the motivation - meh! 😒
  • Get 1:1 coaching/consulting - $2500+ 😳
  • Sign up for a 6-week Productivity Masterclass $997 😳
  • Join a 6-Week Mindfulness class $525 😳
  • Do a Decluttering Program on your own $297 😒

Or you can get everything and more, all in one place, simplified...

Including the 6-week LIVE Masterclass, on-demand content, live monthly group sessions, weekly group purpose planning sessions for accountability, engaging challenges, inspiring resource bank, private community, PLUS the Life on Purpose Planner delivered to your front door for the SPECIAL OFFER of $24.75/month (billed annually) SAVE 50% VALUE $497

Excited? Ready to Simplify and Make Space for the Things That Are Truly Important?

Create a new foundation for your life that makes everything else easier. 



Join the waiting list to be first in line when doors open!

* Scroll down to the FAQs for info on 'lifetime access' 


$497 $297

1 Year Access
$24.75/month billed annually

 Save 50% when you sign up with annual membership!  


  • 6-Week LIVE Purpose Planning  Masterclass (valued at $297) 
  • LIVE Class, Goal Setting and Accountability Session with Kate on the 1st of every month. Recordings available. 
  • Life on Purpose Planner (Incl. international delivery)
  • LIVE Purpose-Plan Your Week Group Meetup Every Sunday: Plan your week in 30 minutes.
  • On-Demand Content: Classes and resources at your fingertips
  • Resource Bank: On-demand health and wellness, deen, purposeful productivity and decluttering video bites and resources. 
  • Sakeenah Sisters' Private Community 
  • BONUS 1: 15-Minute Personal Assessment call with Kate to create your personal pathway for the year. 
  • BONUS 2: Live Get Ready for Ramadan Workshop and Resources 
  • Bonus 3: 12-Week Live Declutter Challenge 

 ** Delivery does not include customs duties/VAT



Our money-back guarantee

Try the membership, risk-free

We hope you'll love the Finding Sakeenah's Life on Purpose membership and we give you a full 14 days to test it out. If it's not a good fit for you, we'll refund you 100%. Please just email us at [email protected]  and attach your week 1 and 2 completed workbook and we'll issue your refund. Please note, we don't offer partial refunds or refunds after 7 days.  


Does real and lasting change take work?

Yes it does.

But it is possible and it’s worth it.

We’ve seen the amazing results it can bring. Alhamdullilah!


Meet your teacher

As salaamu aleikum, I'm Kate

Founder of Finding Sakeenah and the Sakeenah Summit, author, and international inspirational speaker specialising in simplification, purposeful living and purposeful productivity. 

Having experienced extreme overwhelm and burnout, I know how devastating it can be to our lives - our health, our  relationships, our work, our ibaadah which is my I am so passionate about helping sisters simplify, turn down the 'noise' and make space for the things that are most important - because in that space, amazing things can happen, bi'ithnillah. 

Unlike programs that focus on giving you more, I focus on giving you less – simplified content that moves the needle towards your goals, meeting you where you are right now and helping you make consistent progress, bi'ithnillah. 

Frequently Asked Questions